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My name is JM, and I'm the owner of Polychrome Goods.

Our mission is to deliver quirky, joyful products to spark smiles and inspire a less-stressed, passion-driven life. Come along with us as we work towards our goal to #LiveColorfully every day!

Our Story

Like many, my journey began during the pandemic. Trapped indoors, I found myself reminiscing about my childhood days filled with crafts, assembling Legos and K'nex (much to the chagrin of my family's feet), and tinkering with electronics. I pondered, "Where did that creative spark go?"

Fortuitously, I had bought a sewing machine in October 2019, intending to rekindle my crafting passion. Initially, I dabbled in creating pillows and napkins but couldn't fully commit due to time and space constraints. However, when the pandemic struck and there was a dire need for masks, I took to my sewing machine. Through Instagram, I sewed and dispatched hundreds of masks, raising $5k in the process. Every penny went to The Clamshell Foundation, supporting local food pantries that were overwhelmed during those challenging times. It was heartwarming to make a difference while reigniting my passion for crafting.

From there, my crafting journey expanded. I delved into gardening, flexed my green thumb, and continued to share my creations on Instagram, connecting with like-minded souls.

Nowadays, I split my time between our abode in East Hampton (where I am constantly delving into my many projects and whale watching) and the bustling NYC. I share this life with my partner, Matthew, and our adorable Boston Terrier, Betty.

When I'm not immersed in crafting, thrifting, managing my Shopify store, or scrolling through Instagram, you'll find me daydreaming about my next getaway, whipping up a culinary storm, poring over design magazines, or chilling at our beloved pub in the West Village, Bayards Ale House. And yes, more often than not, I'll have an Aperol Spritz or a martini (Tanqueray, extra dry, with a twist of lemon) in hand.

I truly cherish the connections I've made and always look forward to more. So, if you haven't already, give me a follow on Instagram. Let's chat, share, and inspire each other!

Cheers to creativity and carefree vibes,